PT. Metropolitan Land Tbk.
M Gold Tower, Lantai 15
Jl. KH Noer Ali, Kalimalang
Bekasi 17148 - Indonesia
Telp: (62-21) 2808 7777 Fax: (62-21) 2808 5555

Why Invest

      Strategic location in target market

Since its inception, Metland’s focus has been to tap into providing landed residential to the middle class market, ranging from middle-low to middle-up.  Based on the above strategy, landbanks are spread across Greater Jakarta, mainly in the east of Greater Jakarta  where the target market lives, and where Metland’s strong brand presence has been established. Existing commercial projects include: shopping malls, hotels, and budget hotels.



 Strong revenue stream from diverse residential development projects

Geographically scattered throughout Greater Jakarta, the existing six landed residential projects poses a diversification opportunity for Metland. The different locations also enables Metland to be complementary with its surrounding, building on lacking commercials in crowded residential complex and vice versa, providing landed residential to commercially developed environment.



Commercial properties with high growth potential and recurring revenue

Mal Metropolitan, Hotel Horison Bekasi, and Grand Metropolitan, are strategically located nearby the Bekasi Barat exit, drawing massive crowds, with malls tenancy occupancy rate surpassing 90% and hotel above 80%. Other commercial projects include a budget hotel under the name of @HOM Tambun, and a small shopping mall called Plaza Metropolitan located within one of Metland’s residential projects. Hotel Horison Seminyak was built in Bali, in which some of the units are kept to boost recurring revenue.



       Strong financial track record and prudent financial management

Part of its prudent financial management is to have a balanced revenue stream between its development and recurring revenue. Contribution of recurring revenue is of outmost important to Metland, as it functions as a buffer in the case of slowdown in landed residential sale. Development revenue from sales of landed residential has been a big contributor to Metland’s booked revenue in recent years, therefore Metland’s strategy is to add more commercial projects in its portfolio, to boost the stream of recurring revenue.



Experienced management team

One of Metland’s key strengths is by having a competent management team who mostly have more than 25 years of experience in the Indonesian property industry. Being professionally run, Metland can also afford greater transparency and governance to all of its shareholders. It is the foundation of Metland’s vision of being a foremost and trustworthy developer.